John Metchie III...a chance for redemption?

We all saw it...we all know it...after DeAndre Hopkins, we lack a 1B option at the wide receiver position. Yes, Christian Kirk and AJ Green put up pretty good numbers this season, with all things being considered, but let's face it, much of those stats acquired lacked true impact.

In a true sense of the coined phrase, albeit in the exact opposite way it was intended to be used,..."STAT THAT"!

I know it, you know it, and every opposing team & their fanbase knows it...they are NOT Alpha's at the position...not even a 1B.

AJ Green USED to be, but at this point in his career, it often seemed as if his biggest concern was proving that he can remain healthy throughout a season. Well...mission accomplished is all I can say. That's no easy thing to do at his stage on the world's elite football platform...but it's not Alpha...not in the NFL.

Christian Kirk, has developed nicely and also had a career season, nonetheless, as much as we keep hoping that he is...he's not an Alpha. He's still relatively young, but up to this point, he's only shown secondary or most realistically, third option value as it pertains to impact. Again, that's not easy to do in the NFL,...not by a longshot,...but he's no Alpha. His impact has seemed complimentary at best.

Perhaps both of these fine young men can change this narrative... (not that my sideline, just-a-fan, analysis warrants their slightest attention)...on another team in another system.

But we all have secretly, if not openly wished that we would have had CeeDee Lamb out there alongside DeAndre Hopkins, and ESPECIALLY while Hopkins was out.

Do I wish we didn't draft Isiah Simmons...of course not...not at all...heaven forbid...not really...maybe? Obviously I wish we could have drafted both, but we sure could have used Lamb!

Which brings me to the point of this article...perhaps drafting John Metchie could offer a chance at redemption, and a way for us to actually, basically have BOTH Simmons & Lamb (albeit in the form of Metchie) after all.

In this scenario, we allow one or both Kirk & Green accept their well earned paydays elsewhere, allowing us to free up valuable cap space to be used the other post I made earlier concerning Kenneth Walker III...(No, I'm not just suggesting people with III in their last replacing one or both of Conner & Edmonds.

Check out Metchie's highlights here...

It seems like he's always simply catching wide open passes for the most part, but that's just it! He's ALWAYS winning his route!


It's quite possible that he could be available in the 1st or a candidate worth trading up for in the 2nd round dye to his leg injury suffered towards the end of the season.

Of course I'm just spitballing here, as we always do in our offseason, just might stick!

What's your take?

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