How about an injury report?

We have some super smart football guys on this board but it can’t be just me that sees no updates or really any info on our players and there injuries. In the past we have regular reports on the honey badger or deon Buchannon. Even recall seeing reports on Peterson and nearly everyone else.

This year we have had some significant injuries to key players in Watt and D-Hop also Alford and Wilson I see mentions of "we may get them back for the playoffs" or most recently someone posted an update on D Hop could be available only on a deep playoff run

Can we get some real info? Even with Hop is he running, sitting in a tub what? Even something about him mentoring the young receivers would be interesting

Hope one of you can deliver I believe in you of them all -if I had to pick one I would pick Watt He was causing Havoc!

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