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Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks (2022) - Best bets

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

One game left and the Arizona Cardinals will be without Chase Edmonds again.

Now, the question becomes how does that impact the offense overall? James Conner has been limited this week, but he seems on track to be back, and the Cardinals need to win this week because a higher seed is on the line.

Which brings us to Sunday’s bets.

We know the Arizona Cardinals are favored and the line has not really moved this week, which is not shocking.

However, according to DraftKings Sportsbook there are a couple of plays to take a look at this week.

Arizona Cardinals to score first (-165)

While the odds are not great, this feels like a safe play, something I would look at, to combine (not parlay) with...

First Drive - Field Goal Made (+500)

If you bet that the first drive of the game, no matter the team kicks and makes a field goal you have good odds with how much the Cardinals struggle in the redzone right now and then of course their penchant to start slow at home on defense.

Kyler Murray over 349.5 combined passing and rushing yards (+140)

I like this one because Murray will need to supplement the run game and they should have a bit more success through the air and on the ground against a porous Seattle Seahawks defense.

Anything you like?