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Arizona Cardinals beat Dallas Cowboys, getting ready for Seattle Seahawks and more

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Happy game day one and all.

We are heading into the season finale for the Arizona Cardinals, but this isn’t the end of the season podcast.

That is a bit different.

We have done a lot of episodes of the Rise Up, See Red Podcast and most of them have been playoff-less.

We will be back to prepare you for next week, but before we have to review the win in Dallas and getting ready for the Seattle Seahawks.

Enjoy the best hour of Cardinals talk on the web.

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Below are the approximate timestamps for the topics of the show.

(1:00) Intros and what we liked best from the win

(14:34) The unexpected contributors in the win

(28:29) Have the Cardinals found their way?

(35:41) The Cardinals’ playoff scenarios

(50:07) Cardinals-Seahawks preview