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Red Rain: PHI 20 ARI 17 Kliff Notes

The Arizona Cardinals with an opportunity to erase a 7 game home losing streak with the chance to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL’s last remaining undefeated team, came out flat as a 3 day old soda...once again.

The Cardinals, true to current fashion, after digging themselves another 14-0 hole, battled back —- only to literally and figuratively come up a little short in a frustrating 20-17 loss.

This was the game ending scene for the Philadelphia Eagles and their hordes of fans at State Farm stadium —- another troubling current fashion that exacerbates the Cardinals’ home woes:

I mean —- look at that. Doesn’t it just gall you?

In this podcast, I will provide details as to why the Cardinals are stuck in their home game rut —- with, as I always try to do, suggestions as to how they can climb their way out of their patterns of failure.

Like making much better personnel decisions —- which should have happened with this guy:

And better play calling decisions on the pre-snap, such as with this unforced error:

Look at the cushion the Eagles defensive backs were giving Marquise Brown and the Cardinals’ receivers on this play.

What do you want to see the Cardinals change —- or do more of?

Matt McCrane as a member of the Arizona Cardinals:

  • 4/4 FGs (pre-season) made from 28, 53, 54, 36 yards
  • 6/6 XPTs (pre-season and regular season combined

With the New York Guardians of the XFL:

  • 8/8 FGs (in frigid, windy, inclement February weather with 2 of the 8 over 50 yards —-see here)