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Kliff Kingsbury now the favorite to be next head coach fired

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers fired head coach Matt Rhule so now someone else has to be on the chopping block.

2-3 and a slow start has the sharks circling.

According to Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury is now the favorite to be the next head coach fired in the NFL.

“ updates the below list weekly, and now two names from the NFL’s West divisions sit atop the dreaded betting market.”

Next NFL Head Coach Fired

Kilff Kingsbury 3-2 (+150)

Nathaniel Hackett 2-1

Ron Rivera 5-1

Dan Campbell 9-1

Frank Reich 12-1

Kevin Stefanski 16-1

Matt Eberflus 16-1

Pete Carroll 20-1

Mike Tomlin 22-1

It is interesting to see Kingsbury at the top of this list when you consider he just got a five year extension with Steve Keim.

So, does that mean Keim is on the hot seat as well? Or will he get a fourth head coach?

Either way, unless the Cardinals are a five win team I don’t see Kliff Kingsbury getting let go.

We shall see.