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Mistakes Made By Kliff and Kyler on Final Drive

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

These kind of weird mistakes the Cardinals keep making at the beginning and end of game is a reflection on how poorly the Cardinals practice. Kliff and Kyler are in their 4th seasons as a HC/QB1 tandem. By now, the 2 minute drill should be as well rehearsed as a Broadway play. This is what can happen when practice is de-emphasized and when players choose to skip OTAs.

Here is Dan Orlavsky’s analysis of what went wrong on that final drive. In my opinion, Dan Orlavski iy 100% correct, even thought it hurts to hear it from him. But sometimes that makes the points all the more resonant.

On today’s Pat McAfee Show, Pat McAfee and his cronies offered their opinion that it looks like Kliff and Kyler can stand each other. They pointed out how Kyler has by inference thrown his HC under the bus after the last two losses. On the other hand, it’s a moot point when Kliff is so eager and quick to take all and any blame. Pat McAfee also rightly questioned how and why Kliff and Kyler don’t seem to be on the same page when they share the same agent and when both of them cashed in with lucrative 5 year extensions this off-season which some fans and pundits felt was too much too soon..

Here’s the clip thanks to ROTB’s Andy Kwong:

Pat McAfee: “Is this what it’s going to be like for the Arizona Cardinals forever?”

Kliff’s comment about yesterday’s Green Sea at SFS: (thanks to Tyler Drake)

Here’s a an explanation why Kliff Kingsbury is currently favored by oddsmakers as the next NFL head coach to be fired:

Kyler’s rushes:

  • 1st Q —- 4
  • 2nd Q —- 5
  • 3rd Q —- 6
  • 4th Q —- 13

Do you agree with Kyle Odegard?