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Arizona Cardinals open as small favorites over New Orleans Saints for Thursday Night Football

The Cardinals are 2.5-point favorites as they host the Saints on Amazon Prime

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

I would say it could not get worse for the Arizona Cardinals after their embarrassing performance against the Seattle Seahawks but it is a quick turnaround.

Instead of having a full week off, the Arizona Cardinals host the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football and they open as 2.5-point favorites according to Draftkings Sportsbook.

This is honestly shocking to me, although the Saints are not any good either and the Cardinals do get DeAndre Hopkins back for the game.

However what we all witnessed today was one of the worst offensive performances in the four years with Kliff and Kyler.

So, to see the Cardinals open as favorites seems like stealing to go with the Saints.

Is this game going to be on par with the Colts and Broncos or the Bears and Commanders?

I’d love to know why this team is favored again, but we will see if this line moves and how much before Thursday Night Football.