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Red Rain Podcast: SEA 19 ARI 9 Kliff Notes

Since the Cardinals were 10-2 and ranked #1 in the NFL after 12 games last season, the team has gone 3-9. Just as it appears the Cardinals’ defense has turned a very positive corner since the end of last season, the Cardinals’ offense has regressed.

In this episode of the Red Rain Podcast, we will discuss the improvements the defense has made, give kudos to the special teams for coming up with the second big play in two weeks and try to answer questions about why the offense is finding itself in a prolonged funk.

A fan has asked me to provide a couple of GM and HC possibilities for next season, if things don’t get turned around for Keim, Kingsbury and the Cardinals. Thus, I offer a couple of GM and HC candidates whom I think are intriguing.

  • What are your reactions to the 19-9 loss?
  • Where do the Cardinals’ problems on offense begin?