The drought in the desert is back.

My prediction for this season. One, Kyler will not finish the season as the starting QB and after being benched he will demand a trade, which will be given. AZ will get nothing in return. Second, Arizona will finish the season with 3 wins,....maybe. Third, Kingsbury will step down at the end of the season, and it gets worse because we need offensive mind but instead AZ moves VJ over to head coach. Last prediction is AZ will not even smell play offs for the next ten years and will back as the worst team in the NFL during that time.

Sorry but it all goes back the BA not being aggressive in the draft by not moving up to get Patrick Mahomes. If you thought you had a once in a life time QB, why would you sit idle only to have KC move up and grab him under your nose. Now we have a midget who does not like to get hit and pouts like a child on the side line, he is not a leader and will never be one. We have QB that does not study, a receiver who not practice and running backs that cant run. The bonus is we have an offensive line the mirrors the last twenty plus years here in the desert, a mirage.

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