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Cardinals-Rams reactions/review, state of the Cardinals, Cardinals-Panthers preview

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

What a week.

After a game in which the Arizona Cardinals had plenty of chances and did not cash in, Jess and I got together to discuss these things.

What is going on with the offense early?

Why can the defense not get clutch stops?

Why are key players, at least who we thought were key players, playing so little?

All of that and more on the best hour of Cardinals talk on the web.

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Here are the times of our discussions.

(1:00) Intros and Cardinals-Rams review and reactions

(20:07) Are the Cardinals a bad team?

(30:28) Playing time for Isaiah Simmons, Trayvon Mullen, Jace Whittaker

(44:45) Injuries and roster moves

(52:33) The pass rush

(59:09) Cardinals-Panthers preview and prediction