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Be disappointed with the rest of Arizona Cardinals fans in this second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals continue to be their own biggest hurdle.

Missed assignments, missed plays and missed opportunities are the story as the Cardinals once again trail at the half 10-3.

Kliff has again been aggressive with his fourth down play calling again but today they are 0-2 and each play was just a mental or physical error.

Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers have the singular big play of the game as they have a pick six of Kyler Murray.

Defensively the Cardinals are doing more than enough to win, but the offense just can’t get things going on offense to counter that defensive effort.

What this Cardinals team is right now is sad.

We will see if it improves over the next half, but so far this has been another half of tragic football with lifeless offense.

Enjoy the second half. Or don’t, maybe save yourself the headache and then come back and see if the replay is worth watching.