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Cardinals-Saints Game Preview: 5 questions and answers with the Week 7 enemy

NFL: OCT 27 Cardinals at Saints Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy game day one and all.

We have the Arizona Cardinals first national television game of the season, maybe it was a good thing they have been banished to late local games so far.

Maybe today is different, and it starts with a look at their opponent, the New Orleans Saints who are struggling as well.

Thanks to Tina Howell of Canal Street Chronicle for answering our questions.

1. The Saints sit at 2-4 in their first season post Sean Payton. Is there going to be some grace for Dennis Allen or was he expected to keep the train running?

Injuries are really hurting us but there still too much talent on the team to be playing like we have been. Dennis needs to be held responsible for his poor play calling and not making guys accountable for the sloppy mistakes they have been a making. If this team finishes with less than a winning record, I think there needs to be some serious changes all across the board.

2. Taysom Hill leads the team in touchdowns… Is that a good thing or bad thing?

It is a good thing because he is getting us points. We are currently down 4 wide receivers and Taysom is such a talented and versatile player so thankfully he is able to fill that void.

3. The Saints have 13 sacks on the season, are you expecting a big jump this week against a porous Cardinals offensive line?

I think so, especially because the Cardinals gave up 6 sacks to Seahawks and they have now lost Pugh for the rest of year.

4. Is the Saints quarterback for 2023 on the roster?

Yes. Jameis is under contract for 2023 and I think they will/ should give him the opportunity to get healthy so we can see what he can do here. Prior to his injuries, he was playing well. It would be nice to see this WR group healthy with Jameis 100% too.

5. Alvin Kamara has an over/under 102.5 yards from scrimmage according to Draftkings Sportsbook… What side do you like?

I take the over. The run game was working well on Sunday against the Bengals, so we really need to stick to what is working on our offense, especially with so many players out.