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Arizona Cardinals loss to the Seattle Seahawks, DeAndre Hopkins getting back, Robbie Anderson trade and more

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

For the Arizona Cardinals, Sunday was a terrible look.

You had a chance to get to .500, put on a show offensively that would allow you to tell the naysayers they were wrong.

Instead, you gave them even more ammunition.

In this episode, Jess and I discuss how Sunday went down, what happened and what we see as moving forward.

Then we talk about the Robbie Anderson trade and how it could be a strong fit for the Arizona Cardinals.

Then we guess on the Saints game because who knows with this team.

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Here are the times of the topics

(1:00) What went wrong in Seattle

(16:07) Kliff Kingsbury, the hot seat and playcalling

(36:49) The Robbie Anderson trade

(54:29) DeAndre Hopkins’ return and potential impact

(1:06:31) Cardinals-Saints preview