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Red Rain: ARI 26 CAR 16 Kliff Notes

Jump starting the offense continues to be a significant problem for the Arizona Cardinals. However, this week the Cardinals’ defense played its best sixty minutes of football of the young season, keeping the Carolina Panthers in check until the Cardinals offense got on track in the second half.

The Cardinals’ 26-16 win over the Panthers was quite the gamut of emotions for Cardinals fans. Here is a sampling of mine:

1st Half: CAR 10 ARI 3

2nd Half: ARI 26 CAR 16

In this week’s episode of the Red Rain Podcast, I will try to provide perspectives as to why the offense continues to struggle getting anything going on offense in the first half of their games and how and why the Cardinals played their best game of the season on defense and special teams.

Then, I will provide you with some of the moves that I think would be best for the Cardinals to make this week in light of some of the players who may be ready to come off the IR list, including two Andy Isabella trade proposals.

What are your perspectives?