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Arizona Cardinals are within striking distance, here is the second half open thread

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have not played well.

The offensive line has been porous, the defense has been more bend than break and they just look like a team out of sorts.

Yet, at halftime they trail the Minnesota Vikings only 14-10.

Sure, some of that comes from Herculean efforts from Kyler Murray and one of the best touchdown receptions of the 2022 season, but so far it just seems like the Cardinals are playing to keep it close instead of looking to make a move.

The Vikings are gashing the Cardinals in the run game, Dalvin Cook already has 80 rushing yards on the day.

It’s Kirk Cousins inconsistency that is keeping the Cardinals within striking distance.

However, there have been some bad missed calls, including the end of the half intentional grounding no call.

This team has a chance in the second half, the question becomes, can they come out and take advantage?

Let’s go Cardinals!