I'm done being a fan of the Cardinals

I moved to the desert in 1990.

I grew up in Philadelphia
I have tried to be fan through all the lean years

So when 2008 happened and the Eagles came to play the Cardinals for the NFC title, I found myself pulling for the Cardinals instead of the Eagles. And for a life long Eagles fan, that's a tough thing to do. But I did it.

But seeing the ineptitude of the Cardinals week after week, from a quarterback who can't figure out how not to run backwards or avoid taking a sack, from a punt receiver who instead of taking a safe fair catch tries to field the ball and fumbles it away, from dropped passed, missed tackles, penalties galore, and losses week after week, I'm simply done

And we have a coach with absolutely no intensity, no fire in his belly for the game, who comes up with excuse after excuse why his team loses, when it's a function of not only his play calling, but his total lack of preparation on the field that leads to all those mistakes.

Add to that a general manager who keeps recycling old veterans at the end of their career on the cheap, instead of drafting and developing young talent, it tells me the problem is at the top

I met Michael Bidwell in 1999. I thought that he had the fire to build a winner, and in 2008 we came close

I see the fire is gone from top to bottom. If it wasn't gone, we wouldn't be settling for mediocrity

I don't mind losing to what is clearly a better team on any week, but I know that there are many games during the year that we should have won, and didn't. You're not even trying

So neither will I.

Look east. The Eagles won a Super Bowl in 2017. When the decline started there, they cleaned out the issues, reloaded, and are now competing at the top level of the game again.

Back to green I go.

Good bye, Cardinals

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