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Are the Arizona Cardinals done? How hot is Kliff Kingsbury’s seat? Los Angeles Rams preview

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Happy gameday one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals have been struggling and get their rival Los Angeles Rams today, as they try and get back in the win column.

That was the last part of the conversation with Jess and I this week as we examine what the hell is going on, can the Cardinals recover, and is it time for Kliff to get fired.

Plus, why can’t this team stay healthy?

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Here are the approximate timestamps for the topics of discussion.

(1:00) What happened against the Seahawks?

(22:35) Theor playoff chances

(29:40) Kliff Kingsbury’s job and future

(40:24) The injuries

(47:49) Cardinals-Rams preview