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Arizona Cardinals lead at the half, Cardinals at Rams second half open thread

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Wait, the Arizona Cardinals are winning at halftime?.

Of course they had to overcome some incompetence from the NFL officiating who didn’t allow a Myjai Sanders sack fumble to be returned by J.J. Watt touchdown.

Instead we had to wait for the Cardinals to get A.J. Green to make a spectacular catch for a touchdown and put the Cardinals up 17-3 at the half.

In the first half the Arizona Cardinals ran the ball 10 times while throwing it 27 times and they are seeing some positive results.

Colt McCoy isn’t doing anything special, he is just keeping the offense moving. Averaging 5.5 yards per throw, but getting some positive results.

He’s just that much better of a backup than John Wolford so far.

For the Arizona Cardinals defense, they are doing a great job after the first scripted series where the Los Angeles Rams went 14 plays and got a first drive field goal.

Since then, it has been ugly for the Rams offense.

That makes this game more enjoyable as the offenses are both bad, but the Cardinals offense is less bad than the Rams.

James Conner and the run game is not great, eight carries for 21 yards but the touchdown was great and we now have to see if DeAndre Hopkins has more catches and yards than Conner today.

However, a 14-point lead with the ball coming out of the half is nice.

Let’s go Cardinals!