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Red Rain Podcast: ARI 27 LAR 17 “I Like Where This Is Heading” (Kliff Kingsbury)

This past week, following the Cardinals’ disappointing 31-21 home loss to the Seahawks, Kliff Kingsbury was asked whether he would finally give up his play calling for the Rams game, to which Kliff replied: “No. I like there this is heading.”

In light of team’s offensive struggles, Kliff’s response seemed bizarre. The only thing I could think of was the possibility that Colt McCoy was in line to start at QB. Having already sensed this, I tweeted:

As it turned out Colt was in line to start and here is a terse summary of what I believed transpired in the Cardinals’ impressive 27-17 win at Sofi Stadium:

Here is Budda’s take:

I feel very encouraged by this result and when asked this by Bickley and Marotta to describe Colt’s play in one word, the best word I could think of is:

Wanting to check where Cardinals’ fans are today, I created this poll:

The current results:

99 votes:

McCoy 46.5%

Murray 53.5%

My vote is to stick with Colt. I explain the reasons why in the podcast.

Your vote?

But, what could be the best secret of all? Get this all-star crooner and his blonde girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, to every game!