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“Baddest on the Planet” (JJ Watt to James Conner and Vice Versa)

Rams vs Cardinals

This is a fabulous preview of tonight’s second episode of Hard Knock in Season: the Arizona Cardinals, featuring JJ Watt on the mic.

I am in awe of all of this. JJ Watt is a Herculean leader of men. Look at how he led this team into the Rams’ den. JJ Watt set the tone.

What I love about this is how JJ Watt and James Conner forged their bond while being a constant presence and inspiration during the off-season and OTAs. This is precisely how both sides of the ball join forces. It always starts with the off-season training program at the team facility. And it starts with having “baddest on the planet” mentalities from all-out dawgs like JJ Watt and James Conner.

What are your takeaways from the feed?