Murray how long till you’re that top shelf QB?

McCoy was able to step in and control of a game and win. McCoy had the same plays and players to work with that Murray has had. Yet McCoy was able to find open receivers. The receivers looked inspired which tells me something. And McCoy didn’t make it look like the opponents defense had the entire field locked down.

Murray still looks like he is baffled, overwhelmed and confused. He’s had plenty of time to mature into that top tier QB everyone predicted. I’m beginning to wonder if he’ll get there…ever. He needs to sit on the bench and try to learn. I never wondered why he had a homework clause in his contract but i did wonder why it got removed.

It’s time KM takes responsibility for a great deal of the offensive issues… failures. He’s happy to take credit when they win. And he should. The other side of that coin is owning it when you lose. No more excuses, stop pouting, get the job done.

I’m not absolving Kliff Screensbury (not my moniker but I love it) from his responsibility either. For some reason he can not get the plays in quickly enough. That’s part of what’s contributing chaos to Murray. KK takes most of the 30 second clock trying to get a play in.. resulting in penalties for delay, unnecessary time outs and adding more chaos to an already panicked QB.

140 million? Maybe they have vision we the fans don’t. So when is that vision going to be reality?

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