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Red Rain: SF 38 ARI 10 A Fiesta of Embarrassments

So, this was a Cardinals’ home game in Mexico City? Playing in front of 80,000 49ers’ fans who booed the Cardinals when they ran out of the tunnel? Why didn’t the NFL recognize Mexico City’s love affair for the 49ers? Why did Michael Bidwill agree to make this one of their nine 2022 home games?

Was it a quid pro quo with the NFL asa condition for being able to host the 2022 Super Bowl?

After this 38-10 humiliation for the Cardinals, the ultimate embarrassment is the thought of 49ers being the home team in the Super Bowl at State Farm Stadium in Glendale —- and being the team to dress up in the Cardinals’ own locker room.

The 49ers have been prepping to be this year’s version of the Super Bowl Rams —- while the Cardinals are prepping to use their compensatory picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The 49ers have now hijacked one of the Cardinals’ home games. Why not go for the ultimate Cardinals’ home game?

Here is ESPN’s discussion of the Colt McCoy/Kyler Murray comparisons —- hear what Larry Fitzgerald, RGIII, Booger McFarland and Steve Young had to say.

What are your reactions to their thoughts?

In your opinion, which of the 4 pundits made the best points?

After the game I was thinking of the bigger picture:

In the podcast, I elaborate on the reasons why a dynamic change at GM is the most important decision the Cardinals need to make.