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Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone at ROTB

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

I would like to express my thanks to:

  1. Our intrepid editor Seth Cox for the superb daily (even hourly) commitment he makes to SB Nation and ROTB. Plus to SB Nation and Vox Media for your support and leadership.
  2. To my fellow staff members, Blake Murphy, Andy Kwong, John W. Buckley and Robert Ban for the high quality work you provide for the website.
  3. All of the members here at ROTB who make logging on to the site a daily treat. Thank you for your passion and football acumen. I would stack you up against any fan base on SB Nation in terms of your insightful daily contributions, often delivered under extreme duress.
  4. Kyle “Little Rock” Ledbetter, the illustrious producer of Red Rain Podcast.
  5. Guest analysts Brett Kollmann and Joe Comeau, who have added keen perspectives and brilliant contexts to our discussions of the Arizona Cardinals.
  6. Bickley and Marotta, Burns and Gambo and Wolf and Luke and Tyler Drake for your support and ever-growing respect for our fanbase.
  7. Superfan Suz for being an inspirational guest on Red Rain.
  8. Since61 for the great show he gave us on Red Rain and for his daily contributions.
  9. Laguna Pat for the camaraderie we’ve built as old-time Cardinals’ fans and football junkies.
  10. CardiacCardinalsFanatic (CCF) for tallying up the Pick 3 results each week. CCF is this year’s returning champion of the Pick 3 contest.
  11. Leeski for the great Cardinals’ talks we conduct.
  12. The front office, coaching staff and players on the Arizona Cardinals for being my favorite team since this very day (November 24th) in 1963.
  13. Larry Wilson who made me an instant fan.
  14. Pat Tillman who is the American hero of my lifetime.
  15. Budda Baker and JJ Watt who make me so hopeful and proud.

I wish everyone here a wonderful Thanksgiving for you and your loved ones. Thank you for giving this old-time Cardinals’ fan so much to be thankful for.

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images