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Loss in Mexico, Colt vs. Kyler, Sean Kugler, Cardinals-Chargers preview

Discussing the last Arizona Cardinals game while getting ready for the Los Angeles Chargers

NFL: International Series-San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Happy gameday one and all.

We are onto the Los Angeles Chargers, but we have to finish up things with the San Francisco 49ers, wade through the BS to find what is really going on.

First we discuss the preshow Monday Night Football conversation, then we discuss the fact that the Cardinals had some players flat-out quit on the field.

From there, we talk Sean Kugler and the Arizona Cardinals culture.

Finally, we are onto the Chargers.

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The timestamps for the different topics of discussion are below:

(1:00) Colt McCoy vs. Kyler Murray at QB

(16:26) The Cardinals quit?

(26:23) Sean Kugler’s firing and more about the culture of the Cardinals

(42:12) The injury situation

(50:11) Cardinals-Chargers preview