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Twitter Reacts to Kyler Murray’s interception and not handing the ball off to Conner on 4th and 1

What was the real-time impact of fans seeing Arizona go for it and ... disaster striking because they didn’t run the ball.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals got off to a promising 10-0 start.

And then when Arizona had been averaging between 7-8 yards per carry ... they run baffling back to back 3rd and 4th down plays that result in a turnover to the Chargers.

Ohhhh goodness. ..

The Chargers went onto score after that takeaway but all fans could talk about was why the Chargers didn’t just hand the ball off to James Conner and it that was on Kliff or Kyler.

Another suggestion was made not about Conner, but about just sneaking it from under center with the QB:

Plain and simple, sometimes you don’t overthink it.

At halftime the Cardinals lead the Chargers 17-14.