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Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Chargers second half open thread

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was a great start, a miserable middle and very good ending and it is only halftime for the Arizona Cardinals as they lead the Los Angeles Chargers 17-14 at home.

The Cardinals will open up the second half receiving the kickoff.

Kyler Murray has been back and making plays minus one interception that ended up being a bit of an arm punt.

The Arizona Cardinals rushing attack has been ferocious and is why the Cardinals lead at the half.

On 20 carries they have amassed 110 yards and one rushing touchdown, a Kyler Murray scramble to end the half.

James Conner has been a monster, with one mistake, his first fumble as an Arizona Cardinal.

Now, can the defense adjust after a great start to the game where they had two sacks.

Now, the Chargers seem to be doing whatever they want.

Are we in for a second half shootout or will the Cardinals make the necessary defensive adjustments?

Go Cardinals!