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Criteria for Cardinals’ GM: ROTB Competition

A number of Cardinals fans who passionately want a change at GM have been asking me what candidates I would endorse for the job.

I have been giving this question considerable thought over the past few weeks and days, because regardless of how the rest of the Cardinals’ season goes, there are numerous reasons why a change of GM could be a game-changer for the organization.

What I Want in a New GM:

  • Someone who is a direct and honest communicator.
  • Someone who brings a desperately needed sense of humor.
  • Someone who will finally sign and draft the correct prototypes for the 3-4 defense.
  • Someone who will not permit double standards for players.
  • Someone who will make the Arizona locker room a true, genuine football culture.
  • Someone who will hold the coaches accountable.
  • Someone who will not put up with anyone cutting corners.
  • Someone who is a master of X’s and O’s.
  • Someone, ideally, who has been a member of a Super Bowl Champion team and, therefore, knows and understands what it takes to bring home football’s ultimate prize.
  • Someone who can motivate today’s players.
  • Someone who can attract free agents to Arizona.
  • Someone who could form an instant bond with Michael Bidwill, Adrian Wilson and Quentin Harris.
  • Someone who makes your ears perk up every time he talks.
  • Someone who has charisma.
  • Someone who can be alpha among alphas.
  • Someone who will consistently draft alphas from the top Power 5 college programs.
  • Someone whom everyone in the building wants to be around.

The more I keep thinking about the criteria that I just listed above, the more I keep thinking of one guy in particular.

ROTB Competition: (for everyone, except my friend Leeski, who, thanks to our great conversation yesterday, already knows the answer)

The first ROTB member who can correctly identify the person I am thinking of while accurately explaining how he fits at least 5 of the criteria above, will win this Arizona Cardinals’ t-shirt from

Comes in size up to 3 XL.

I have one and it is my favorite.