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Trade deadline, loss to Vikings, Patrick Peterson, Rodney Hudson, Cardinals-Seahawks preview

Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings John Autey / MediaNews Group / St. Paul Pioneer Press via Getty Images

Happy gameday one and all.

Jess and I have consulted and the best thing we can do is try and hypothesize what exactly is going on with this team.

We are not sure, but we do know it has not been pretty.

First off, we have to discuss the trade deadline and why no moves being made actually made sense for the Arizona Cardinals and what to expect moving forward.

Below are the approximate timestamps for what we discussed:

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(1:00) The Cardinals and the trade deadline

(22:18) Takeaways from the Cardinals’ loss to the Vikings

(38:08) Patrick Peterson’s beef with the Cardinals

(47:33) Rodney Hudson’s continued injury

(53:31) Cardinals-Seahawks preview