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Confusion reigns! Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks second half open thread

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It started so well and now the question is how will it finish.

Instead of leading or at worst being tied at half the Arizona Cardinals trail the Seattle Seahawks 10-7 at half.

They will receive the second half kickoff.

They scored for the first time in 13 games on their opening drive, but since then it is a comedy of self-inflicted wounds.

Billy Price snapping it over DeAndre Ayton’s head if he was at quarterback.

Byron Murphy dropping an easy interception before the Seahawks score.

Back to back false starts.

Then Kyler Murray gives you the highs and lows of his play with an incredible escape artist like performance to then fumble the ball.

It’s just one of those days and it’s been one of those seasons.

How does this end? It feels like we know, but with this Cardinals team this season no one knows anything.

Enjoy the second half.