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Budda Baker could miss next 2-3 games for Arizona Cardinals per report

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

It can always get worse.

That is what we have to remember as things look bad for the Arizona Cardinals sitting at 3-6.

Because if Ian Rapoport is correct, then Budda Baker is going to miss a key stretch of games and may be out until the bye week for the Arizona Cardinals.

This is a massive blow to an already bad defense. As Baker has been playing at a high level and gives them an energy and presence that this team desperately needs.

It will be interesting if we see much change if at all in personnel or if Isaiah Simmons and Chris Banjo just take over the role.

While Simmons has been playing well, he’s not Baker and Banjo was recently just brought back.

This is just another unlucky break in a bad season.

Let’s hope it’s nothing serious and a quick recovery for the Arizona Cardinals defensive leader.