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Arizona Cardinals blown out in the second half by the New England Patriots

Arizona Cardinals are overwhelmed in the second half by the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It seemed obvious once Kyler Murray went down that the hope was likely gone, but you like to believe.

That belief lasted a half and now the question becomes, will this team have a chance to win another game the rest of the season?

It doesn’t look like it as the Arizona Cardinals were embarrassed again on national television by the New England Patriots 27-13.

The difference between Murray and Colt McCoy has always been that McCoy works when they can play from in front. As soon as they fall behind, it’s a wrap.

Murray gives them a chance at anytime in the game, but when it becomes a game where they have to throw it, McCoy just doesn’t have it.

It didn’t help when your best offensive weapon in DeAndre Hopkins fumbles because of careless ball handling and the New England Patriots pick it up and return it for a touchdown.

From there things unraveled completely and the wheels look to be completely off.

McCoy was beat up as the Patriots just pinned their ears back and came after the quarterback and Matthew Judon and Josh Uche overwhelmed Josh Jones and Kelvin Beachum.

This was a fitting end to any type of hope remaining for the Cardinals.

And it ended within three plays.