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Kyler Murray’s ACL tear confirmed, will miss remainder of season

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

For the Arizona Cardinals, it has been one of the worst seasons in recent memory.

Well remember, it can always get worse.

Ian Rapoport has reported that an MRI confirmed what was already expected, that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has torn his ACL.

It is an unfortunate ending to a season where the team has never been able to put their full offensive weaponry together and instead dealt with the DeAndre Hopkins suspension, then Marquise Brown was injured right before Hopkins returned, then of course Kyler Murray was injured with a hamstring injury.

One has to wonder if the hamstring injury was not fully healed and played a part into this injury.

No matter the cause, the Cardinals are likely to be without Murray for 9-12 months as he tries and rehab from the knee injury.

This was the worst case scenario for a season like this as well, as we will discuss the implications of potential coaching/front office changes.

No matter what, let’s hope that Murray has a quick and easy surgery and rehab process.