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Injury to Kyler Murray could make Arizona Cardinals offseason even more complicated

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim had to be feeling the heat heading into the New England Patriots game.

Sure, they were once again blown out at home, on national television but the worst part of the game may have bought them some time.

With the Arizona Cardinals having one win at home in the last year and counting, the fanbase and the pundits have seen enough.

However, when Kyler Murray went down it may have changed some things for the duo.

First off, we have to acknowledge it may not be likely we see anything happen to Steve Keim, due to his relationship with owner Michael Bidwill.

Maybe though if the Cardinals wanted to make a move and compete for a real coach this offseason they will understand that they have to change things at GM.

However, the injury for Murray complicates things.

We could see Murray back and ready for the season opener based on the recovery of some athletes, most notably Adrian Peterson who was back in eight months.

That is uncommon though, as a Sage Journals article “Return to Play and Performance After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in National Football League Player,” tells us:

“The mean ± SD return-to-play time was 12.4 ± 2.5 months after injury.”

So, 10 months is usually best case scenario and nearly 15 months is the worst case scenario.

Let me ask you this, would a new coach want to come in without knowing if they have Murray in the fold in 2023?

Let’s say it is a 9-10 month return for Murray, would a new coach make sense knowing he would miss all install time over the offseason?

That is not to say if the Sean Payton rumors are true the Cardinals don’t pursue it, but could the timing of the injury complicate making a move this offseason if Murray is not going to play until October?

What are your thoughts and who should be the quarterback brought in if they Cardinals go a new route?