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Steve Keim on indefinite medical leave per report

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Whatever is going on with the Arizona Cardinals, I hope nothing in this case is serious.

Ian Rapoport has reported that Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim has left the team for an indefinite period of time while he deals with a health-related issue.

There are a lot of things that we can be upset and disagree with Keim on, but one thing I will never do is wish illness on someone.

Keim has been with the Arizona Cardinals for two decades and been the GM for nearly a decade, and the Arizona Cardinals had their most successful three year run under his watch as general manager.

Now, we will see if he is able to get back to the team or if he begins to transition to an advisor role, or if he just walks away.

No matter what, no one wants to see Keim or anyone within his family dealing with health issues and we hope that there is a speedy recovery and he’s able to get back to whatever role he can handle soon.

Get well soon, Steve.

Update: Quentin Harris and Adrian Wilson will assume the duties of the GM.