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Cardinals Diva Culture Under Keim Exposed

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

I am going to try to make this thread short and to the point.

When is enough, enough?

Kyler Murray’s first and second year mentor, Patrick Peterson, is causing a media storm by saying Kyler “only thinks about himself” and how, as the team’s QB, Kyler needs to “put the team first.”

When did Peterson ever put the team first while he was in Arizona?

Here’s what kind of a mentor he was to Kyler:

Kyler has been picking the wrong mentors and advisors. Peterson and Burkhardt, for two.

Now it comes back to haunt Kyler in the most ironic of ways.

Yet, at the center of it all is GM Steve Keim, aka “The Great Enabler.”

If there was ever a time or reason to relieve Steve Keim of his duties as “Lord of the Diva Culture” in Arizona, that time is now. It should have been years ago.

Again, when is enough, enough?

When are the Cardinals ever going to stop this constant barrage of PR nightmares?

Here’s a guy who won’t stand for it any longer —- a guy who will tackle it.

Pass the GM ball to him:

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