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Cardinals Hard Knocks Episode 6

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Background: Dec 18, 2022; Denver, Colorado, USA; Arizona Cardinals tight end Trey McBride (85) is hit by Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson (22) in the second quarter at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing

Early Morning Walks With Vance, Gregg Williams and Shawn Jefferson

Great way to start the day. Vance talks about making the most of one’s opportunities, how opportunities run the NFL can change all the time and how important it is to tell the players what winning the next four games could mean to their careers and for setting the tone for the 2023 season.

Michael Bidwill Addressees the Team

MB says how” f’ing disappointed” he and everyone is about the way in which the season has gone. He informs the players of Steve Keim’s medical leave of absence, assuring the players that Steve Keim will eventually be fine. After explaining that Quentin Harris and Adrian Wilson are now assuming the GM;s duties, MB lets the players know how important it is for them to go and win the last 4 games, “one at a time.” Then, he leaves the players with a message about those who give their all and those who are “cutting corners.” Basically, it is a reminder that some of the players are playing for their jobs. MB wishes everyone Happy Holidays and leaves the stage amidst the players’ applause.

Colt’s Crew

After showing clips from Colt’s press conferences with the media asking questions about Kyler and whether Colt can be the “guy” as long as it takes until Kyler is able to return, HBO shifts the scene to Colt’s house, where he arrives from work and is is hugged by his three kids and kissed by his wife, Rachel.

Colt quickly summons the kids out to the back yard to play whiffle ball. Colt’s son and oldest daughters hit a couple of deep shots into the lemon tree. After Colt explains how his main team is his family (aka “My Crew”), he refers to the Cardinals by reiterating the adage that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Shawn Jefferson’s Message to the WRs

That they should give everything they’ve got to Colt McCoy because he is “the consummate pro.”

Trey McBride’s High School Dates at Wendy’s

Trey McBride is yucking it up with TE coach Steve Heiden, explaining how small and secluded his hometown of Fort Morgan, Colorado is and how the most popular dating destination was driving 15 mines down the road to the only Wendy’s hamburger joint in the vicinity.

Sideline Pep Talk to TMcB from Kliff Kingsbury After Zach Ertz was Injured

“Hey this is your party now, Catch the ball and make people miss and do what you f’n do, all right?”

TMcB on trying to fill in for Ertz

“It’s surreal. The biggest challenge is the speed of game (Kliff at practice has been exhorting Trey to play faster). They are expecting me to perform just like he did, So, it’s a big responsibility and a big role for me.”

Nuggets from the Segments on Trey McBride and his Family

  • Receiving the news of winning the Mackey Award (best TE in college FB) from his moms, Kate and Jen.
  • Showing Trey’s emotional phone call from the Cardinals during Round 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft,
  • Trey explaining how having two mons and 5 siblings including his twin brother (Dylan) “is normal to me.” “Just having tow parents who love and care about me is something that I will never take for granted.”

JJ Watt Addressing Team Regarding Christmas Presents for the Cafeteria and Maintenance Staff

“People take care of us every single day. People wash our clothes, people cook our food, people clean up after us, janitors, we want to try to take care of those people, so please take it seriously. Just think about all of the shit that we don’t have to do, because these people do it for us. They are unloading the planes for us at 3 am back from Mexico, they are cleaning our shit so it’s ready for the next day. Think of all the money that we get to make because they help us.”

Leki Fotu Making Waffles —- From Scratch

“Not only was Leki making everything from scratch with flour, eggs and milk, he was making each waffle up individually. While one waffle’s cooking, he’s mixing up the next batch.” Cardinals DL coach, Matt Burke to Vance Joseph and OLB coach Charlie Bullen.

Vance on J.J. Talking to Zeke Turner

“Look at JJ run sprints. He can’t sit still, bro. Started out as a tight end. In JJ’s mind, he’s still a walk-on. First ballot, bro. I was with him when we drafted him in Houston. The work ethic was always there.

Clips on Vance Being a Backup QB at Colorado, Then as CB with Jets

“I was the backup to Cordell Stewart.”

“My early years if playing CB in the NFL was strictly with my mind. I had no clue of what I was doing physically.”

“I was the first black head coach for the Broncos, You know, so for me that was the joy.”

To Myjai Sanders who asked what it will feel like for Vance to go back to Denver: “I am ok with it. I want to win. I want to win for you guys. I have no regrets, people were good to me there. Let’s go get a win.”

JJ Watt’s Message to Team After Friday’s Practice

“OK now is about a test of how you are as a professional and how you are as a man. We’re out of the playoffs and we are not where we want to be. Who are you went the shit and the cards are against you? What type of guy are you? Are you skipping lifts? You showing up late? Are you blowing off meetings? Or are you still doing what you need to do as a professional and a as a man? Take care of your business. Be a professional, Be a man. Be accountable to your teammates. We are out here still trying to win football games. Cards on three, one, two, three: CARDS.”

Kudos to HBO

During the last episode, they offered a play reactions and emotions from the stands via DeAndre Hopkins’ mom and sister. Then they wrapped up the game segments with D-Hop meeting with his mom and sister outside the stadium after the game.

This week they offered the play reactions and emotions from the stands via Trey McBride’s moms, brother and family. Then they wrapped up the game segments with Trey meeting with his family outside the stadium after the game. The family praised Trey for having a good game and making several good catches. Then, they ribbed him about “sucking for air” in the altitude, having lived outside of Colorado for many months. Then they took a family photo. And finished with a photo of the twins, Trey and Dylan (a Colorado firefighter).

Kliff’s Message to Team After the Game

“Appreciate the effort guys, it’s just a lot to overcome. A lot of bodies down You guys are playing hard. Too many mistakes offensively. We’ve’ve just got to find a way to get one. We’ve stuck together. Like I’ve said, you’ve shown up, been professionals, worked hard. I just want it for y’all. Right. I want you all feel that again because we’re fighting our asses off, it’s just mistakes in critical moments that we’ve got to find a way (to correct).”

JJ Watt Message to Team After Game

“I am not going to stand up here and tell you that it doesn’t suck. Its’ brutal. But, I have respect for everybody busting their balls. I appreciate the work.The willingness to come in every day and be a man and go about your work and go about your business even when we all know that the situation is. Don’t lose that. You gotta try to get better each f’ing day. Please, like, for yourself and for us as a team, both equally, because the reality of the situation is you are also doing shit for next season. Because the unfortunate reality is we’re not f’ing in the playoffs, so take care of yourselves, don’t f’ing let up, hit the weight room, hit the books. It’s not time to pack it in. It’s time to put in the work and put yourself in a better situation.”

Monday Morning Walk With Vance (with Gregg Williams and Rusty McKinney this time)

“They’re still playing hard, man.” (Gregg)

“They are,” (Vance)

“It’s Christmas week.” (Vance)

“it’s Tampa Bay week.” (Gregg)

“Got in at 11:30 last night, then this morning 4:30 I am up again and my wife asks, “What are doing?’ I said, going to work, baby. we’ve got to go win a game. Got to win a game.” (Vance)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. I feel blessed to root for team that fights hard and has quite a number of men of high character. Similarly, I feel blessed to be a part of our team of writers and valued members at ROTB. Thank you Cardinals and thank you ROTB. May this holiday and our days ahead “be merry and bright.”