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Budda Baker to miss final two games after fracturing shoulder in loss to Bucs

New England Patriots v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The hits keep coming for the Arizona Cardinals, just not in a good way.

A day after their latest blown lead that led to an overtime loss, the Cardinals suffered an even bigger loss as Budda Baker has a fractured shoulder and will miss the last two games of the season.

From Ian Rapoport:

Rapoport said it best, it is amazing that Baker was able to finish the game.

This likely means the Arizona Cardinals lone Pro Bowl representative will miss the Pro Bowl, even though there is no game anymore.

However, Baker missing the final two games will make things interesting on defense. Not only because he is a leader, but because they are so thin at the defensive back position already. So, who replaces Budda will be a big question heading into the final two games of the season with all the issues the team has at this moment.

Let’s hope Budda gets better quickly and is back leading an improved defense in 2023.