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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans don’t see anything to be positive about with regards to the team

Arizona Cardinals fans have no faith in the direction of the team.

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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There is nowhere to hide anymore.

The Arizona Cardinals and their organization has to prove now that they are either quality players that the team had a down year, or are front runners who are there when the team is going well and don’t show up when things are tough.

This could be a character and team building season where even if you finish 7-10 or 8-9 you fought until the end.

However, many don’t see that and don’t see any positives on the direction this franchise is headed.

The belief in the direction of the Arizona Cardinals is down to 1%.

The care for the team and where they are and what they are doing is falling because fans don’t feel like the organization cares.

No one even gives them a chance to compete for the NFC West even though they technically are not out of it.

The question becomes, can the Cardinals find a way to get fans invested again?

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