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Good and bad in Cardinals loss to Chargers, Sean Payton watch, bye week and more

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Happy Sunday one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals are off this week, but we had to take a look at last weeks collapse against the Los Angeles Chargers.

What we liked, what went wrong and more.

Then, we discuss the chances of Sean Payton showing up in Arizona and if it could happen.

Then, what the Cardinals did on the bye week and finishing things up with a Kliff Kingsbury discussion.

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Below are the approximate timestamps of the topics we discussed.

(1:00) Reactions to the loss, 3 good things

(17:31) 3 bad things in the loss

(29:26) Sean Payton watch

(41:10) Plans for the bye week

(47:46) Kliff Kingsbury’s job security