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Murray Monday: Discussing the Arizona Cardinals and their franchise quarterback

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

There seems to be a shift in the Arizona Cardinals fans.

Some have never wanted Kyler Murray and now are pouncing on every situation as though it is indisputable proof of... something.

Others are old and crotchety and don’t like that this youngin’ won’t just do what we want him to do as the quarterback of our team.

It is odd, in a town with a history of putrid professional sports fans are turning against a young, talented and historically great quarterback.

All because of something on social media.

Which is interesting when you consider that the basic facts of the situation are wrong.

  1. Murray never followed the Cardinals. Maybe we should focus on that more than the alleged unfollowing, but that would take anyone caring in the first place.
  2. When did 90% of you all start to care about social media?

The next couple of Monday’s we will take a look at a number of situations about Murray, including things I have heard, things I know and then the reality of his play.

For now, let’s leave it at this: Murray is a mercurial person, but he also has one thing on his mind, winning. He wants this organization to win and a lot of things that have happened, or have not happened are for that reason.