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Kyler Murray market value among highest in NFL

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

There is much debate on the status and future of Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals.

Many have their thoughts and opinions. Most are based on their emotional feeling of... I am not quite sure, but they are in their feelings (on both sides).

So, what about some objectivity?

Well, Spotrac has their market value tracker updated and those doubters/haters of Kyler Murray are going to have some issues with this.

Spotrac ranked every player, with what their market value is heading into this offseason if they are a free agent in the next two offseasons... and fourth on the list is some guy named Kyler Murray.

  1. Aaron Rodgers $46,368,611 per year
  2. Tom Brady $44,090,826 per year
  3. Lamar Jackson $43,125,544 per year
  4. Kyler Murray 6 years $258,052,422 for $43,008,737 per year

Now, some may say no way, never going to do that. Well, let’s check on some other names.

Derek Carr $36,184,515
Tua Tagovailoa $33,420,151
Jimmy Garoppolo $26,895,071
Cooper Kupp $23,886,767

As you can see, a low end starter in the role of Jimmy G is going to get paid over $25 million a season now. High end wide receivers are going to get just around $24 million.

Hell, they have guys like Rashan Gary valued at $20.5 million, Carlton Davis at $19.6 million and Quinnen Williams at $17.7 million.

The values of players are rising, and there are few that will be as valuable as Murray on the open market. In fact there are only three according to Spotrac that are more valuable than Murray.