Coaching change

Hi all - where is everyone at on good old Kliff. I can't get over yet another end of season collapse! What I didn't know, was this has gone on since day 1. I feel the community should be united in calling for a coaching change. Nothing against the guy whatsoever personally, but I do believe he knows what buttons to push to keep his position and bank account growing.

Last 7 seasons finish (lol) 16-43

THIS IS OUR COACH?? Reminds me all too well of my alma mater's coach. Says what he needs to keep his job, results aren't pretty.

Feel as a community our voice should be made clear.

2021: 3-5 season finish

2020: 3-6

2019: 2-7

2018 (Texas Tech): 0-5

2017: 2-4

2016: 2-3

2015: 2-4

2014: 1-4

2013: 1-5

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