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Arizona Cardinals have no franchise tag candidates per PFF

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Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have a number of decisions to make heading into the 2022 NFL offseason.

One is will they use the franchise tag?

PFF broke down every potential franchise tag player for every team in the NFL and surprisingly, or unsurprisingly PFF does not see a franchise tag candidate for the Arizona Cardinals.


Edge defender Chandler Jones has already been franchise-tagged once in his career, meaning a potential tag this offseason would his second. The value would be 120% of his 2021 “salary” (as defined in this section of the CBA), which would be close to $25 million. Therefore, there are no candidates that make sense in Arizona.

That makes sense from that standpoint, but what about a Zach Ertz?

According to the projected franchise tag number, Ertz price tag would be $10,931,000... so not a candidate.

Do any of the Cardinals upcoming free agents make sense?

From Spotrac, projected Franchise Tag Values

  • Running Back: $9.5M
  • Wide Receiver: $18.5M
  • Offensive Lineman: $16.5M
  • Defensive Tackle: $17M
  • Defensive End: $17.5M
  • Linebacker: $18.5M
  • Cornerback: $17.5M
  • Safety: $13M