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Chandler Jones projected contract should give the Arizona Cardinals a shot to bring him back

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Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

One of the biggest issues of the Steve Keim era has been preparedness.

The Arizona Cardinals knew when Chandler Jones’ contract was up and in the pipeline they have...

Therein lies the issue.

So, now that Jones is a free agent the team has a decision to make.

Do they let Jones walk or try and bring him back?

Based on the PFF salary projection, I think bringing him back would be the right move since the team doesn’t have anything or anyone waiting in the wings.

PFF - Contract Projection: Two years, $33.5 million ($16.75M per year, $24 million total guaranteed)

If you can sign Jones to this type of deal and spread the guaranteed over the next three seasons, you are in a spot where his 2022 cap hit can be miniscule while adding another player or two.

The problem becomes you also need to add a young pass rusher in the next year or two while Jones is under contract.

Can the Cardinals pull something off for Jones or has he played his last game with the Cardinals?

What do you think?