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Revenge of the Birds Podcast #167: Kyler’s Situation Escalates & Free Agency Preview

Listen in for 2022 Cardinals offseason free agents to target and the continuation of the questions surrounding Kyler, Keim & Kliff

One @kent_hodder returns to discuss with Blake about Chris Mortenson’s Tweet, the Keim Effect and 2022 Free Agents

  • How much of the tweet is truth & how much of it is from the GM?
  • What Michael Bidwill needs to do
  • Who are the key Cardinals free agents this year
  • Who stays and who should go?
  • A position-by-position at the top FA’s on the market & which ones the Cardinals SHOULD sign
  • Plus a new intro song for the start of a new offseason!

And finally...what to make of the lack of leadership in the Cardinals’ front office?

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