Round 1

I don't see the Cardinals being too active in FA. Maybe one starter and depth pieces from our own roster and a couple others.They decide to keep Humphries, Watt and Conner out of the starters.

We've had some consensus on who will be available at the Cardinals pick. These are the choices of who might remain when the Cardinals are up @pick #23.

. Who would you pick out of these choices? Also what position do you then target @pick 55?

(OL) Kenyon Green - A&M, Trevor Penning - N. Iowa, Zion Johnson - BC

(WR) Chris Olave - Ohio St., Johan Dotson - Penn St.

(DL) DeMarvin Leal - A&M, Devonte Wyatt - GA.

(CB) Kairi Elam - FLA., Roger McCreary - Auburn, Kyler Gordon - Washington.

There could be a couple others who could fall to the pick but for the sake of this survey are all off the board.

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