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Kyler’s Gambit

Pictured above: Kyler Murray and agent Eric Burkhardt. (click to enlarge the text)

Back when Eric Burkhardt (agent for Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury) started tweeting out the University of Oklahoma’s alleged interest in hiring Kliff Kingsbury to be Lincoln Riley’s successor, I opined that the one person who potentially could do more to affect and perhaps derail the Arizona Cardinals’ present and future success is Eric Burkhardt.

Funny how at the time the Cardinals were 10-2 and ranked #1 in the NFL Power Rankings.

How did it go for the Cardinals since?

How about 1-5.

I was (likely naively) hoping that Kyler would listen to my Red Rain podcast (I messaged his Twitter account with it) so that he could hear an old-time fan’s pinion as to how he could re-write his own ending of The Great Gatsby —- the most important of which was imploring Kylerby to drive his own car, and not hand over the wheel to someone else —-

But with today’s tactic from Kyler’s agent, there is no longer any doubt who is driving Kylerby’s car —- that person is Eric Burkhardt.

And this madman is barreling toward the Valley of Ashes at blistering speed, with Kyler riding shotgun.

Now we know why Kyler (I mean Burkhardt) scrubbed K1’s socials.

I and many of you immediately assumed that it was about the $ bag $ Kyler wants —- the one he wants now,

Well guess what?

We were correct.

Essentially, to put it into chess terms, Kyler Murray and Eric Burkhardt have now made their move to put Michael Bidwill and the Cardinals in check.

Well, again, guess what?

“They are what we thought they’d be.” (RIP Dennis Green)

One thing seems certain:

Nothing will be “copacetic between Kyler and the Cardinals” until he and his agent get their $ bag $.

Michael Bidwill wanted all Cardinals’ fans to know, everything is fine. No big deal. They have plenty of time. Right?

Well, now that Bidwill’s king is in check and vulnerable to Burkhardt’s bishop, what will Bidwill do?

I just started this Twitter poll, if you want to cast your vote:

What is your reaction to “Kyler’s Gambit”? Or should we call it “Burkhardt’s Gambit”?

I am calling it “Kyler’s Gambit” because, after all, he owns the keys.