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Potential salary cap saving moves for the Arizona Cardinals, and pre-free agency needs

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Happy Monday.

After some news this morning we pushed the podcast drop back to later today.

I will be scarce the next two weeks as I transition to a new job, but we should have plenty of Arizona Cardinals content for you to enjoy.

On this weeks podcast, Jess and I discuss free agency and the issues the Arizona Cardinals have as they head into free agency.

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Here are the approximate times for the different topics of discussion.

(1:00) intros and salary-saving moves

(35:24) The Cardinals’ free agents at QB, RB, WR

(44:55) The Cardinals’ free agents at TE, OL

(52:50) The Cardinals’ free agents at DL, OLB, ILB

(1:02:19) The Cardinals’ free agents at CB, S, specialist positions