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ROTB Cardinals’ UFA Keepers Competition

The Arizona Cardinals have 21 UFAs. The ROTB member who can guess the highest number of their own UFAs whom the Cardinals re-sign, wins the frosty tumbler pictured above.

Here is your list to choose from:

  • QB Colt McCoy
  • RB Chase Edmonds
  • RB James Conner
  • TE Zach Ertz
  • TE Maxx Williams
  • TE Darrell Daniels
  • TE Demetruius Harris
  • WR Christian Kirk
  • WR A.J. Green
  • G/C Max Garcia
  • NT Corey Peters
  • DE Jack Crawford
  • ILB Zeke Turner
  • OLB Chandler Jones
  • OLB Dennis Gardeck
  • CB Robert Alford
  • CB Antonio Hamilton
  • CB Breon Borders
  • S Charles Washington
  • S Chris Banjo
  • P Andy Lee

Here is how this works:

  1. The sooner you post your guesses, the better chance you have, because once a Cardinals’ own UFA is re-signed, those who haven’t posted yet cannot earn the points for that player. Remember that teams can re-sign their own players before the start of the new year on Wednesday.
  2. For every UFA you guess right, you get two points. For every player you guess wrong, you get minus two points. The ROTB member with the highest number of points wins.
  3. Tie Breaker: Guess and post three UFAs from other teams whom you believe the Cardinals will sign. Each correct guess gets two points.
  4. All entries must be submitted by 1 PM Arizona time tomorrow (Monday).